Client: Doublemetrics (

Description: Flexible web analytics tool which provides insights and reports about visitor behavior on your websites.

Technologies: ReactJS, RefluxJS, D3.js, Sass, Twitter Bootstrap, Gulp.js

Portfolio help

Client: Portfolio.Help (

Description: Portfolio.Help is used for financial accounting and analysis in companies that manage a securities portfolio. Portfolio.Help supports investments in both publicly traded securities and privately held companies. 

Platform provides various features like:

  • Detailed Bookkeeping – Creates detailed bookkeeping records for all transactions
  • Document Archive – Store files permanently and safe with shared access
  • Working Together – Specific roles and features for owner, accounting and other parties
  • Annual Report – Generate a complete Annual Report and XBRL file
  • Overview – Provides overview of your investments and transactions across different depositories
  • Automation – Transactions can be imported. Exchange rates are updated every day and automatically applied
  • Reporting – Saving hours and hours of work with a series of reports
  • Investment Insights – Calculates annualized rates of returns for your investments

Technologies: React, Redux, Webpack, Sass, Bootstrap, WebStomp, SockJS, Moment, Numbro, SuperAgent, FormValidation


Client: InsightXM (

Description: InsightXM provides data analytics and insights for the $500B events market. Leveraging deep experience and understanding of event tech and event logistics, together with strong data science skills, InsightXM utilizes their proprietary event data model to aggregate, clean and normalize customer data, enrich it via third party data sources, and present helpful visualizations and analytics so customers can get valuable business insights they otherwise have no access to.

Technologies: ReactJS, Semantic UI, Java, JAX-RS, Jersey, Hibernate, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS

Floral E-Commerce

Client: Floral wholesale company in USA (name under NDA)

Description: E-commerce web application for cut flower wholesale supplier specializing in large-scale production, acquisition and distribution of cut flowers, plants, and floral supplies. Application provides all essential e-commerce functionality like: product search and filtering, cart, checkout, authentication, favorite products list, shipment options, admin portal with sales statistics.

Technologies: ReactJS, Redux, Java, Spring Boot, AWS, ElasticSearch, IBM DB2, Hibernate, Ehcache, Maven

Time Tracking Tool

Client: Infonic AG (

Description: Web based time reporting solution which allows employees to book time worked on different projects. Application consists of three pages: login, week and table, and has administrative features. System allows to review performance of developers and efficiency of projects.

Technologies: ReactJS, Java, Spring Boot, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap

Timesheet Manager

Client: Alpha North Group (

Description: CRM application which allows to track working hours of employees and generate invoices based on number of hours. At the end of every week scheduler generates timesheets which then can be printed, exported to PDF, Excel or sent to client as email. The application supports Excel upload for populating different tables.

Technologies: Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

ERP Application Frontend

Client: Integrating Web (

Description: Frontend for ERP application developed in material design. Application uses Google Sign-In for user authentication and Google charts for displaying data.

Technologies: PolymerJS, HTML5, CSS3, Gulp.js

Proof Coffee


Description: The PROOF Coffee member app allows customers to take advantage of membership program in which they can sign up to receive unlimited coffee

Technologies: React Native, iOS, Android, Java, AWS, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Hibernate